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New Chinese medicine era

author: source: Xinhua health time:2016 08 29
  This year is the launch of the "China Science and technology pioneer" Forbes Chinese version of the second independent, we will lock eyes in the field of biotechnology bio pharmaceutical industry is presented. China is a generic (non patent medicine) powers, and local research and development of China's brand-name drugs currently in the pharmaceutical market is rare. In the long-term occupation of the global pharmaceutical market mainstream in the field of chemical synthesis, China's development lags behind the West in a hundred years. Restricted by economic development, the existence of generic drugs and the long-term dominance of the Chinese pharmaceutical market is still difficult to change the status quo.

  However, the tide of the development of biological science and technology for the Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises in the development of the original medicine opened a door. (Howard Hughes Medical Institute researcher at Yale University, deputy director of the Department of genetics, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Fudan developmental biology research institute director Xu Tian professor in an interview with Forbes Chinese version, reviews the climax from 1771 British Industrial Revolution opened the beginning of every revolution of science and technology driven economic development. "Who can drive the next wave of technological revolution the first waves, who will be able to seize the commanding heights of the next round of economic development," said Xu Tian, "and the next wave of technological revolution is driven by biological technology."

  From the beginning of last century in 90s, research and development of the global pharmaceutical industry is quietly changing: from the past to chemical synthesis as the main research method of drug began to turn to the study of the molecular mechanism of the disease. "Big American pharmaceutical companies are adapting to this kind of transformation." Dr. Zhou Mingdong, founder of Shanghai zensun Sci & Tech Co Ltd said. This provides opportunities for the development of China's genetic research institutions and biological pharmaceutical companies. Professor Xu Tian leadership of Fudan University research team found a key to the rapid interpretation of gene function -- Pb transposable elements, in gene identification of the biological science and basic research made breakthrough in the "landmark", will be on human understanding itself, disease prevention and control is the most important and far-reaching influence, but also will provide great opportunities for the bioengineering and biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

  China's biotechnology elite have made some progress in the field of biological original medicine. For example, led by Dr. Hu Gengxi wowu Biological Technology Co, Ltd. R & D for desensitization of dust mite allergy with medication, "Chang Di" approved, to become China's first listed on the standardization of sublingual desensitization of drugs. Led by Dr. Ming Dong Zhou Zesheng science and technology in the development of treatment of heart failure drugs made a major breakthrough, they developed a recombinant human neuregulin is first in the world to have a direct effect on myocardial cells, through the improvement of cell structure and fundamentally improve cardiac structure and physiological function of drugs, and in China has entered the clinical phase II study.

  However, the further development of the majority of biological original medicine has encountered a financial threshold. In foreign countries, the new drug from R & D to the general need 10 years time, spent $1 billion. This is for China's emerging bio pharmaceutical companies and research institutions, is tantamount to an astronomical figure. Therefore, many companies and institutions in the research and development to a certain extent, often may not have the patent or market development rights authorized to fund a strong overseas pharmaceutical giant.

  The helplessness of the original medicine is related to the large environment of China's bio pharmaceutical industry which is not yet mature. China has the world's largest consumer groups, but the overall market size is far behind the United States, accounting for only 2% of the world's total. Relative to the international pharmaceutical company's average profit margin of up to 40%, the profit margin of China pharmaceutical companies less than 10%. "Multinational pharmaceutical companies usually take the development path from R & D to the market, but the lower margin of the Chinese market leads to the difficulty that Chinese pharmaceutical companies can not guarantee adequate R & D investment." Zhou Mingdong said the chanson technology.

  To solve this problem, on the one hand, the government should pay attention to and support, and put more money into the development prospects of the original drug projects. According to the National Bureau of statistics of China, 2006 China research and development (R & D) funding branch out 3003 billion yuan (including government and corporate investment for pharmaceutical manufacturing industry R & D expenses accounted for only 1.76%. In the United States, in 2004 the government's direct investment in R & D funds amounted to $58 billion, of which $27 billion 800 million flows to the biomedical.

  On the other hand, it also needs to guide more social capital into the medical innovation. Many overseas bio pharmaceutical giants of China's innovative drug growing concern and a series of acquisitions or intention, that China's drug research and regulation has gradually gained international recognition and in some areas even walk the forefront in the world. This social capital is concerned, is clearly a very good opportunity to intervene. "Private entrepreneurs often have a high enthusiasm for the biotechnology industry, but due to the lack of in-depth understanding of investment decisions in the time again." Dr. Hu Gengxi said with regret.
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