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The world's first use of biological method to take L- Arabia sugar officially put on the market

author: source: Xinhua health time:2016 08 29
  Xinhua Xiamen December 3, (reporter to open), 3 days, Xiamen inspection and quarantine inspection by qualified Tang Chuan Biological Technology Co, Ltd. is the production of 1500 kg L - arabinose successfully exported to Japan, which marks the first in the world to use biological preparation of L - arabinose officially put on the market.

  Tang Chuan biotechnology company is focused on supporting high-tech enterprises in Fujian province. According to company president Xiao Zhongming, L-arabinose, the traditional production process is chemical hydrogenation method, this process exist the shortcomings of the "three high and one low": that low productivity, high cost and consumption of high energy, high pollution produced. Tang Chuan biotechnology company independent innovation of biotechnology, corncob, bagasse and other agricultural waste bio refining preparation, xylitol production cost reduces the 30% - 50%, and low energy consumption, small pollution and other advantages.

  In May 2008, the Ministry of Health issued a document announcement, L Arabia is approved as a new food resource. In October this year, Tang Chuan Biological Technology Co, Ltd. is the production of L - arabinose selected Health Organization International Society of Nephrology KHDC (i.e. chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease) disease intervention plan, become the only intervention for food supplies.

  L Arabia sugar is a kind of low calorie sweeteners, which has a significant blocking effect on the metabolism of sucrose, has been applied to weight loss, control of diabetes and other aspects, is internationally recognized as a healthy food additives. At the same time, l Arabia sugar is also used in pharmaceutical raw materials for the treatment of leukemia, cancer and anti hepatitis B.

  At present, the world's L - Arabia sugar annual demand is about 10 thousand tons, the annual rate of 15% of the rate of increase. However, due to the restrictions of separation and purification technology, the previous output does not go, the price is high. Japan and Europe market sales price of 100 thousand U.S. dollars / ton 12 million. And in the country, before the industrialization of manufacturers, for the study of small packaging L - Arabia sugar price even on this basis to turn 10 times.

  According to reports, Tang Chuan company L Arabia sugar annual production capacity of up to 5000 tons. College of chemistry and chemical engineering, Xiamen University, Professor Ying Hua Lu said, "L - arabinose once as sucrose additive promotion, impact on consumers, Kansas and iodized salt, soy sauce, add iron and theory."
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